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7 Signs Warning You to Seek a Chiropractor for Whiplash Treatment

Written By Pines West Chiropractic on September 21, 2018

Motor vehicle accidents can be a pain both mentally and physically. However, if you choose to ignore the physical pain, or don’t think it is a big deal at first, it could develop into a more serious condition.

Most car accidents result in whiplash, or a forceful movement of your neck back and forth that causes neck pain. However, whiplash isn’t isolated just to your neck. This can also cause stiffness in your back and limited range of motion of your upper body.

Whether you feel the effects immediately or not, it is important to seek out whiplash treatment to keep your spine healthy. Chiropractors, like those at Pines West Chiropractic, offer whiplash treatment plans that are customized to each patient’s individual needs.

7 Major Warning Signs of Whiplash

If you feel pain after an automobile accident or other injury, you should always seek out treatment. No matter if it is mild or severe, it is important to address the issues early to prevent them from getting worse.

7 common warning signs of whiplash include:

1. Stiff neck

2. Headaches starting at the base of your skull

3. Pain in the neck, back, and shoulders

4. Muscle spasms

5. Limited range of motion

6. Tingling in the arms

7. Dizziness and fatigue

Other less common warning signs like trouble sleeping, blurred vision, and impaired memory are also caused by whiplash.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Whiplash Treatment

Chiropractors commonly use spinal manipulation, or spinal adjustments, for whiplash treatment. Adjustments involve using short thrusts or slow movements to help your spine regain function in the direction in which it is restricted.

In addition to regular adjustments, chiropractors also provide physical therapy and lifestyle counseling to show you how to keep your spine healthy on your own. This involves gently stretching your muscles to reduce tension, regaining stability in your neck, and minimizing the amount of stress you put on your neck muscles throughout the day.

The whiplash treatment you receive at Pines West Chiropractic will both reduce and prevent neck pain from developing. After a car accident, it is best to seek treatment as soon as you can since the Personal Injury Protection law in Florida only gives you two weeks to make an insurance claim.

Call (954) 432-3343 today to schedule an appointment with Pines West Chiropractic today and get started with a safe, effective and non-invasive whiplash treatment plan.

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