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Massage & Chiropractic Care Pembroke Pines

We have 4 excellent licensed deep tissue therapeutic massage therapists.

The Purpose Of Massage

  • Stress Relief
  • Muscle Tension and Pain Relief
  • Relaxation
  • Increased Blood Flow
  • And More...

Woman receiving a massage.

Back pain, neck pain and headaches are just a few of the painful and distressing conditions that affect many of us at some time in our lives. Chiropractic and massage therapy used in combination , form a powerful healing approach that addresses your pain on many different levels.

Therapeutic Massage is one of the best compliments to chiropractic care. Since muscles are attached to bones and joints it is very important for them to be relaxed and stretched to aid in the adjustments to the skeletal system. Proper alignment helps to ensure the free flow of nerve impulses and circulation of blood and lymph.

Therapeutic Massage and stretching can help you regain and maintain proper alignment . When muscles are relaxed and restored to their optimal length, correct posture and alignment are more easily sustained.

Massage can trigger the relaxation response , relieving the negative effects of stress and restoring balance in the body. Some positive effects of the relaxation response include slower heart rate , deeper breathing, relaxed muscles, better digestion and better internal circulations. Some Benefits of Massage with Chiropractic Care

  • Prepare the body for a better adjustment
  • Increase the effectiveness of treatments
  • Relieves muscles tension and pain
  • Helps Prevent future pain and injuries
  • Relax Overall and become more receptive to the adjustments needed

While most insurance companies do cover chiropractic care in some form not many cover massage therapy.
However, we have very competitive prices and offer an excellent massage package.

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